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Black John Gahr Lapsi Malta

Black John Gahr lapsi Malta


Ghar Lapsi beach is a unique and hidden little bay with a view over Filfla, situated around 1 km away from the popular Blue Grotto. Ghar Lapsi and its rocky shoreline form a natural
swimming pool with crystal clear and fantastic azure blue/green waters perfect for snorkelling.
Ghar Lapsi Cave leads out into the deep open sea and is an excellent dive with fantastic visibility that allows for the great underwater photography. Since Ghar Lapsi is very beautiful and a naturally protected area, it is very popular with locals who come here for a short swim and dive into the deep waters from the surrounding rocks.
There is no extended space for sun bathing, apart from a few small areas of flat rock, so this cove is not very popular with tourists. Ghar Lapsi’s surrounding terrain and coastline are ideal for walking during the winter months and offer excellent spots for rock climbing. Ghar Lapsi Bay and Cave are reached by a winding road from just outside Siggiewi. 
South-Malta Il-Providenza Raod, Siggiewi, Malta Rocks Food/Drink stands - yes Chair/Umbrella rental - no Restroom - no Water sport rental - no Lifeguard - no 


The dive here is normally one of the least popular sites in Malta.  Just a couple hundred meters from Ghar Lapsi, it is advised that you walk to the water before kitting up.
There are two dives, the first is to drop immediately after entering the water, which you can do to a depth of 25m.  Alternatively, you can swim to the far side of Black John which drops to 38m.
Caution should be given to the offshore currents, this being a dive for the more experienced divers.
Here there should be shoals of painted comber around the reef, the most likely fish to be seen in Maltese waters.  Also look out for the giant tun, sea cucumbers, octopus, jelly fish, John Dory, and if you are very lucky, you might see a family group of parrot fish.

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