Friday, 21 October 2016

Tugboat 10 & Tugboat St Michael

Tugboat 10 & Tugboat St Michael


St Michael is a Tanac Type tugboat built in 1944 in Canada and is 20 metres long. Number 10 is a Melita Type tugboat and is 16 meters long. Both served for many years towing numerous ships around the Grand Harbour. Prior to their scuttling, the tugs were laid up at Jetties Wharf and subsequently sunk at their mooring, remaining partly submerged for many years.
They underwent a clean up operation to be made environmentally and diver friendly – all glass, doors and hatches were removed and passageways opened to prevent divers who venture within from becoming trapped. The preparation, towing and scuttling operations were funded by Charles and Anthony Cassar Boat and Ship Repair Ltd. of Marsa.
The tugboats St. Michael and 10 were scuttled on the 16th May 1998, as part of a plan to create an artificial reef at Zonqor Point in Marsascala. At a maximum depth of 22m they are both upright on a flat sandy bottom and have created an oasis for marine life, transforming an ecologically barren area into a shore dive location which is accessible to divers of all levels.


Access to the dive site is through Marsaskala. A road along the northern side of
Marsaskala Bay leads to the site. A coastal track connects Marsaskala to Xghajra.
There is on-street parking and a large informal parking area next to the swimming
pool complex.There are two access points to the dive site. These access points are located next to
each other on the side of Zonqor Point facing Marsaskala Bay. The access points are
accessed from two informal footpaths leading away from the road.The Maximum depth of this dive is 22m and typical marine life is rainbow wrasse, cardinal fish, octopus, moray eel, scorpion fish.

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